a3 boardDue to the record high attendance, positive feedback, and unanswered questions from my recent webinar with KaiNexus, “How to Use A3 Thinking in Everyday Life“, we will be doing a follow-up webinar on March 6 entitled “A Deep Dive into A3 Thinking” You can register here – even if you cannot attend the live webinar, registration will allow you to get a link to the recording and the training materials.

In this webinar, we will answer many of the remaining audience questions about A3 thinking. Overview of topics:

  • A3 Thinking: A Quick Refresher
  • When to Use an A3 vs. Other Tools
  • How to Engage Others in the Process
  • Change Management 101
  • The Hardest Part: Sustaining the Gains

I’m very excited about this webinar, and I hope it will be value-added for those interested in further exploring the power of A3 thinking.


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